we offer a full range of popular products

looms from Ashford and Leclerc
spinning wheels from Ashford, Lendrum and target=”_blank”>Schacht
brochures and prices on request

60ml woolwash $3.00
500ml woolwash $9.95
100gm face cream $11.10
80gm soap $4.00
250ml lavender-scented woolwash
12mm, 15mm & 20mm, lengths from 32″, 47″ &
60″ $26.90ea
9mm and 10mm, lengths from 16″ to 47″ $23.25ea
6.5mm, 7mm and 8mm, lengths from 16″ to 47″ $21.75ea
2mm to 6mm, lengths from 12″ to 47″ $17.10ea
1.5mm, lengths from 16″ to 47″

ball winder – from skein to ball in minutes

umbrella swift – to hold skeins while winding
into a ball $56.50ea
cards for tablet weaving
$15.50 per 50-card pack
mcmorran yarn balance – calculates yards per
lb or metres per kg $48.75ea
fringe twister – makes precise fringes in half
the time $16.00
texsolv heddles – 9.5″, 10.5″ or 12.5″
$18.00 per 100
“eucalan” (lanocreme) products

“brittany needles”
art deco style in birch wood, 10″ or 14″
$9.75 per set of 2 (sizes 2mm to 7.5mm)
art deco style in birch wood, 10″ or 14″
$11.25 per set of 2 (sizes 8mm to 12mm)
double point, 5″, 7.5″ or 10″
$9.75 per set of 5 (sizes 2mm to 7.5mm)
double point, 5″, 7.5″ or 10″ $12.00 (sizes
7.5mm to 12

“addi turbo” circular needles

custom greeting card kit consisting of 12 linen
stock greeting card blanks with cut-out and 12 envelopes
vinyl storage bags
size price
small tote
with handes $3.50
small bag $1.50
large bag $1.60
extra large
bag $1.90
gadget bag
with inside pouch $2.50
XXL bag with
soft gussets $5.00
thread cutter pendant

EZ blockers, stainless steel rods, for natual
or synthetic fibres $35.00ea
lock ring markers $6.00 per
double-ended stitch holders, $4.50 per 2-pack
(short) $4.75 per 2-pack (long)
spindle noddy, ideal for fine yarns and sample
skeins or when travelling $7.00ea
crab apple spindle, ideal for silk cashmere or
cotton, can be used as a support spindle $5.00ea
niddy noddies from tabachek, ashford, lendrum,
louet $21.00 and up
pewter buttons $1.68ea
and up
pewter clasps $2.80ea and up
high whorl spindles and mini-spindles by Ed
Tabachek $45.00ea
nostepinnes by Ed Tabachek
$20.00 and up

28 inch saxony wheel $1070.00
regular wheel – includes regular head, ratios 6,8,10, lazy kate,
4 bobbins, threading hook $399.00
complete wheel – regular wheel plus plying head and fast flyer $536.00
double treadle regular $533.00
double treadle complete $670.00
plying head $102.00
plying bobbin $24.30
regular flyer $35.00
fast flyer $35.00
small bobbin $12.80

very fast head – ratios 26, 30, 36, 44 $156.00
quill head $47.25
regular drive band $8.80
large drive band $8.80
niddy noddy, 1yd and 2yds $21.00