available in 31 colours,100gms will dye 1Kg of
fibre, $17.50 per 100gm jar or $110.00 per Kg (2.2lbs)

bush blends in 26 colours, $11.25 per 80 gm jar

sample card $4.75ea

Landscapes Dyes

available in 31 colours plus black, 100gms will dye at least 1Kg
of fibre, $12.00 per 100gm jar

sample sheet no charge

Ashford Dyes

these are acid exhaust dyes for protein fibre (wool or silk) and
need vinegar to set

available in 11 colours: rust, brown, green, yellow, scarlet, hot
pink, purple, teal, blue, navy, black

10gms dyes 1Kg, 50gms dyes 5Kg, 250gms dyes 25Kg

$6.00 per 10gm bottle, $15.00 per 50gm bottle, $67.75 per 250gm

3-pack, includes 10gm each of scarlet, blue, yellow and
recipes $20.00ea

11-pack includes 10gm each of 11 colours and recipes
$65.50 ea

cold pad dye kit: used to paint directly on yarn or fibre. no immersion
necessary.require vinegar
and methylated spirits to set. minimal heat required.

cold pad kit includes urea, paste and dyes for 1Kg of wool or
silk, avialable in four colour combinations: spring (hot pink, purple,
blue), summer (scarlet, yellow, blue), autumn (rust, yellow,
brown) and winter (purple, teal, blue) $20.50ea

padding mix kit includes urea and paste, dyes 2Kg of wool or silk