5 Certified Tips for Shooting the Best Wedding Video

Have you recently gotten a contract to shoot a Toronto wedding video? Well, that’s great news, but are you nervous that you might underperform owing to the fact that you don’t have the latest gears to get the best shot?

Well, here’s a secret, you don’t need to own the latest technological apparatuses to shoot the best wedding video. With moderate descent gear and a few skilled tips, you can satisfy your clients with ease.wedding video toronto

Check out the 5 Tips to Shoot the Best Wedding Video

  1. Carry less Gear and Be Fast on Your Feet

Okay! Usually, weddings are clichéd, the day of the wedding you can expect the bride to deck up with the bridesmaids while the groom chills out with his best mates. So, after that, you’re tasked with running two and fro catching unique moments of the couple and other necessary wedding shenanigans.

So, the best option is to not carry excess baggage. Instead, equip yourself with a video camera, charger, formatted memory cards, and extra batteries to ensure your camera doesn’t give up on you. Now, without the excess load, film the happy, fun and emotional moments with ease to ensure you get the best Toronto wedding video.

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  1. Communication is the Key

The best way to ensure that you film the ideal video is by sitting down with the couple and getting a briefing. Ask the couple what they visualize as their ideal Toronto wedding video? Will they need you to capture moments, surprise choreographed dances, incidents and fun activities, emotional situations where the bride is given a family heirloom etc.?

Once you get a basic idea, film the wedding as per the requirements of the couple and you’ll get the perfect video.

  1. Stable Camera Grip

When it comes to getting the best Toronto wedding video, stabilization is the only way to ensure that you get a proper authentic wedding video. While using a glidecam, tripod, a shoulder rig or a monopod, ensure that you can quickly shift to your support gear when in need.

Now, while Tripods are amazing when it comes to open door shooting, in small cramped spaces, monopods work best. So, ensure that you can switch easily without damaging the camera’s grip.

  1. Work that Low-Light Condition

Low light weddings are nightmares for wedding videographers, hence, in such cases its best to stay prepared. Either consult the DJ and ensure that light options have been weighed out or carry your own light to make sure you can capture the best couple moments without making the wedding party uncomfortable.

[Pro Tip: Don’t switch on lights and kill the mood, and only use them in proper situations for working videos in low light conditions.]

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  1. Capture Traditional Wedding Shots

Experimenting is a great way to get one an authentic Toronto wedding video shot. However, it’s also vital to capture traditional poses as most people enjoy the clinched wedding images and videos that showcase, for example, the bride and groom kissing.

Well, these aren’t so hard to follow right? So, follow these above tips and get the best wedding shots for making the ultimate bridal video.